Ringback Tones – What Are They?

Ringback tones can be considered the disco revolution in the world of telephones. A ringback tone makes it entertaining for every caller who calls a special someone. They do not have to hear the old, boring ring-ring tone but a song which is not just enjoyable but also reminds the callers of the special someone they are calling. The tones have become the most sought after mobile feature people look for. Many users of phones take those carriers who provide their customers with the largest variety of ringbacks.

There are many users who think that ringback tones are a nuisance and are nothing but a disturbance for a few callers. Some think that they are not good for professionals as it might come across as frivolous. Some find it too tedious to swift though an array of songs till they finally decide on one which is suitable for every caller. The carrier they are using does not provide them with their kind of music. There are many problems like these which many customers face.

Now, the good part about them is that they can be customized as per a customers need. You have a variety of choices. If you want different music tones for different callers then you can do it. The customers can chose a love song for their loved one and a nursery rhyme for their kid brother at the same time. This can be done without any hassle of calling customer care and waiting forever. The customer can just choose the option for every caller or for only a specific caller.

If you do not like the music which your carrier is providing then just record your music on your phone and send it to your service provider who will then make the recording as your default tone.

For professionals who think that it is not a good idea to make your clients listen to a hip hop song while they wait for you to pick up then just make them listen to some Beethoven or some Voltaire while they do the deed. It is all possible with the amount of choices most of the cell phone carriers are providing their customers with.

There are many carriers who also provide customers with special offers like free songs, discounted prices etc to make this experience worth the while and a little more enjoyable. Ringback tones are now the style statement of every cell phone user. It is not only the cell phone you carry but what is the “tone” is also important in this world of hi-tech technology and suave fashion.

With the change in technology comes the change in the way you dress, the way you eat or even drive your car. So why not change your style of greeting the persons who call you? Call tones – as some people call them – are your personalized way of greeting people even before you pick up and say “Hello”. It is something even teenagers look forward to.